What is a G-J Tube?

What exactly is a G-J Tube you ask?

The technical term is a “Carey-Alzate-Coons Through-the-Stomach Double Lumen Gastrojejunostomy Tube” by Cook Medical

Now that is a mouthful!

Doesn’t exactly answer your question.

A GJ Tube is a type of feeding tube that is used to feed people who are unable to tolerate food in their stomachs for various reasons.   They are called GJ-tubes because there are two separate routes included inside the one feeding tube. One route is delivered into the stomach (also referred to as Gastric, hence the “G”). The other route is delivered into the small intestines (also known as the jejunum, hence the “J”).

Feeding Tube

In my case, I am fed directly into my intestines via the “J” port (or lumen).  I use the “G” port (or lumen) to empty the contents of my stomach preventing me from vomiting profusely.

Because my formula goes directly into my intestines I have to infuse it slowly over night using a feeding pump.  There are a few different pumps to choose from, I personally use the Zevex Infinity Pump.

Zevex Feeding Pump


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